Chyangba Village

Chyangba Village

Tapting is one of 34 Village Development Committees of Solukhumbu district in eastern Nepal. Chyangba, Khamgding, Fatanje, Lumsa, Dhikure, Dhimle, Jhaparbas, Sisa Khola are some of the villages of the VDC located at the Southern part of the district.

The village is home to mainly Sherpa people while Kami, Chhetri, Magar, Tamang, Newar among other ethnic groups are also living here in harmony for ages.

Agriculture is the main occupation for most of the villagers here. Maize, wheat, barley, oat, potato and millet are the major food crops produced in the village. You can find apple and peach as major fruits of the area. People raise yak, cow, sheep, buffalo, goats and horses as their cattle.

The youths of the region are more attracted towards tourism entrepreneurship and foreign employment lately. The VDC lies some 26 kilometers away from district headquarters of Salleri.

Of late tourism is becoming a booming business in the village that is blessed with scenic beauty in the lap of the Himalayas.

The majestic sight of famous peaks like the Mt Everest, Numbur, Merapeak and Makalu can be enjoyed from the village. Adding to the natural beauty of the village is the Pike Peak that has been the center of attraction for many.

Trekking to Chyangba, Tapting could be a lifetime experience for many via Jiri-Pike Peak route. This route has been catching the attention of many tourists of late.

Not just natural beauty, the region is home also to rich cultural heritage.

To name a few Chayathan Temple, Namdu Temple and Pike Temple are some of the famous religious sites of the village.

Jhaparbas Monastery, Tapting Monastery, Chyangba Monastery, Lumsa Monastery and other numerous monasteries stand tall as the cultural heritages of the village.